Local & long-Haul Pricing Breakdown

All Texas Pallet & Carrier Services have either a baseline price point & or an hourly rate of $52.50 per hour per contractor assigned to the job(s) at that time.  If a Commercial Vehicle or Trailer is needed then a lump sum deposit including the Fuel Surcharge will be needed which depends on the vehicle or trailer needed. A Same-Day Service Cancellation Fee of $75 per contractor including any equipment rented for the use of that same job(s) is due back that same day of cancellation. Please consider Business & State tax is also charged. A 24-hours prior Service Cancellation will not be charged. 
If fulfilling Furniture or Carrier Services in in-climate weather conditions such as rain, heavy wind, snow, hail, etc. then we can at our discretion take the service roads & not the highway making the drive safer while keeping the items in the same condition we picked them up. 
Customer grants to the undersigned by Texas Pallet & Carrier Services. The exclusive right to provide all featured services including services selected in the drop-down menu of the 'Book Now' page and agrees to make the payments before or immediately after service has been rendered. Charges and Payments: Customers shall pay the Contractor for the collection and disposal service provided by the Contract with the schedule of charges shown on this Agreement. Payment shall be made by the Customer before or immediately after services have been rendered. The contractor may impose, and the Customer agrees to pay a late fee of ($75) plus Interest for all past payments not to exceed the maximum rate allowed by law.